Are You Worried About Your Elderly Parents Falling?

One of the biggest concerns that many adult children have concerning their parents is the possibility that they will fall and the possible complications and injuries that can come from a fall. It is important to understand where and why falls happen so that you can work with your parents to prevent them. Setting up a medical alert system in your parents’ home may be just one step in giving you the peace of mind you need.

Understanding Where Falls Happen

Over half of the falls that occur happen inside of the home. This means that many elderly adults will fall at home. If they live alone, further complications can occur since they may not be found right away. A fall detection service is essential since it can detect when someone falls and quickly send help even if there is no answer to the check in.

Another quarter of the falls happen outside of the home, but nearby. This could be in the yard or within the neighborhood. These falls may happen as a result of bad weather or when your parents are enjoying time in the garden or yard. If the terrain is uneven or your parents have a hard time standing up after spending time in the garden, they may be more prone to a fall.

The remainder of the falls occur when someone is away from home. These falls may be as a result of a slippery floor in the store or an accident when walking. Often these falls are in public places and there is usually someone there to lend a hand and call for help.

Understanding Why Falls Happen

About a third of the falls that happen are due to an accident or something in the environment. This could be the result of a slippery floor or by tripping on something. The remainder of the falls happen as result of medical conditions. This includes mobility issues, dizziness, heart attack or stroke. This means that even taking care to make sure an area is free of things that may cause a fall, falls can still happen.

Protecting Your Parents

It can be difficult balancing allowing your parents the independence that they want while worrying about their safety. One of the most basic things you can do is to assess their home and make sure that you have cleared away anything that may cause a fall. Clearing their home of clutter and making sure that extension cords are not running around the house is just one of the steps you can take. Next you should look at the bathroom and make sure things are in place to reduce slips and falls there. After you do that you can look around the yard to see if there are areas you can address to prevent tripping and falling.

In addition, you may want to consider installing a medical alert system that can help your parents receive help if they were to fall. There are even options that will work while they are out and about or that can travel with them if they spend a few months at a different location throughout the year. This can help your parents receive the help they need as soon as they fall.

Learn more about how to avoid being compromised by a fall by having the SafetyWatch medical alert system with fall detection that contacts emergency personnel immediately should a fall be detected:

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